Why you should see a Chiropractor During Pregnancy

So during my pregnancy with Maverick I had it in my head from the very start to have him all natural no drugs, intervention, ect. I did a lot of research on my own about ways to have a “quick” child birth.

Research shows that seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy can reduce labor time.

Research has shown that seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy can reduce labor time.

There are many myths and things women do and some swear by that will cut down the time you are in labor. I of course tried everything. Pregnancy is such an awesome time. You grow this little human being inside of you for 40ish weeks and everything is all rainbows and butterflies but the thing that freaks most people out is pushing that human out of that little opening. Seeing a chiropractor isn’t only great to help facilitate with childbirth but its great for back pain and sciatica a few common issues many women have during pregnancy.

The one thing that made a lot of sense to me was seeing a chiropractor. If your hips and spine are nice and aligned then the baby should have a nice easy entrance into this world. I research chiropractors in my area. I read a lot of reviews and I decided to start seeing a chiropractor that I trusted. I didn’t start seeing one until I was in my 3rd trimester. I waited until my 3rd trimester because of course you hear stories about how getting adjusted by a chiropractor can put you into labor. According to my chiropractor that was a myth. I ended up seeing him every week 1-2 times a week from the start of my 3rd trimester until I delivered.

My first appointment I met with the chiropractor, i filled out questionnaires, and we had a conversation about natural child birth. I really liked him because he was so pro natural child birth. He asked me from the start what was my goal. I told him I want to have this child naturally, no drugs if i can.

He said to me, you will have this child natural! Our bodies were made for this!

Benefits of seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy.

He went on to explain to me how getting drugs during child birth interfere with our bodies natural birthing process. The talk we had was great I felt like it was everything I needed to give me that motivation to carry on with a natural child birth.

Sooooo moving forward when labor finally came I was 39+5. Thank god, I did not want to go beyond. Once you get to the last few weeks you are soooo ready to get that baby out plus your super anxious to meet this little human you have been growing for almost the past year! Anyways I will share my birth story for another post but my labor lasted 30 hours. Would it have been longer if I didn’t see a chiropractor? Who knows, but getting those weekly adjustments felt amazing for me! Has anyone ever seen a chiropractor during pregnancy? Share your experiences below!