CBD Oil: What is it and what are the benefits?

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CBD oil can be mixed into anything. A couple drops in my morning smoothie to start my day.

CBD is all the craze these days. It can be found in pretty much anything. There are many benefits to these products, and if they can alleviate a variety of symptoms I am all for it.

When it comes to CBD products it has hard to tell which are the best brands, and honestly what is even really in the product. What I liked about Medterra CBD is

  • It is grown in the United States

  • Their hemp is grown and extracted by strict rules and regulations according to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture

  • The Oil is extracted with CO2 extraction so it eliminates residual contaminants

  • Each batch is tested to ensure 0% THC


The CBD oil I was gifted from Medterra is made from 99% pure CBD isolate it is completely free of THC, meaning you wont get “high”from taking these products. Medterras oil is extracted from hemp plants grown in Kentucky, and their plants are also tested by a third party lab to ensure they are free of contaminants. Once the oil is extracted it is mixed with a carrier oil, just like any other “essential oil.”Medterra mixes their oil with MCT coconut oil.

How do you take CBD oil?

CBD comes in a 1 oz. bottle with a dropper. It comes in different concentrations 500, 1000, and 3000mg. I have the 1000mg. Each bottle has 30 servings; the dropper is one serving. If you take one dropper full of the oil you will be getting 33mg of CBD. 

The easiest and quickest way to take it is to dispense it under your tongue. If you want to get creative with it you can mix it in your beverages, mix it in some tea before bed, or add some to your morning smoothies. Essentially you can mix it into anything you want! It is flavorless, so you can’t even tell that it is in whatever you mix it with.

CBD oil can be mixed into anything. A couple drops in my morning smoothie to start my day. Learn about all the benefits and how to use this oil.

What is CBD used for?

There are many claims made about CBD. According to healthline it may reduce stress and anxiety, be a sleep aid, alleviate pain, alleviate cancer symptoms, reduce acne, may have neuroprotective properties, heart health benefits, plus many more benefits. 

I personally use a little bit before bed and it helps me wind down and relax and get a good night’s sleep. Especially after “momming so hard” I feel like my body is like fight or flight all day with my child. A dropper of helps me wind down and relax.

My part time job is a respiratory therapist, with that job I work with a lot of critically ill patients. I see a lot of crazy stuff; I am sometimes running around non-stop saving lives. I come home sometimes and my mind is racing I can’t stop hearing the sound of ventilator alarms and monitor alarms.

After a crazy day of work, I can be so tired but it can take me hours to unwind, relax, and just fall asleep. CBD has been helpful in this sense. If I take some before bed my mind is relaxed, and I am calm. I don’t feel high like I can move, I am just relaxed and my mind is not going through a million checklists.

Medterra’s CBD products

Medterra is taking their CBD products to the next level. I’ve heard of regular CBD oil before, but they have added a night time formula as well as a day time formula.

CBD with melatonin. I specifically used this for my international red eye flight. I can’t even sleep on airplanes it’s the worst thing ever. I received this product just in time for my travels. I took it before we took off and I slept like a baby.

Melatonin used to be my go to when I worked night shifts. I have PTSD thinking about night shift but melatonin was a savior. I would highly recommend this melatonin with CBD to all my fellow night shifters it is so so good.

What is CBD and what are the benefits

CBD can be purchased directly through their site and my readers can take advantage of a special 15% off discount by using the promo code MomsMeet

 Have you tried any CBD products before? What do you use CBD Oils for?