How I whitened my teeth without crest white strips!

Back in the day I would apply crest white strips all the time!!! I would wake up with my teeth hurting so bad and they would be so sensitive to anything hot or cold. I knew this could not be good for my teeth. I have been on the hunt for a more “natural” way to whiten my teeth without harsh chemicals.

I drink coffee every day, sometimes multiple cups a day. I try to drink it with a straw to prevent any discoloration on my teeth. Besides coffee, I usually have a couple glasses of wine a week. Mom life is hard sometimes, and I feel like coffee and wine are essentials for motherhood.

I stumbled across Lumineux teeth whitening strips. These teeth whitening strips claimed they are safe for enamel, they are non toxic, formulated by dentist, and clinically tested. I was given the chance to give these a try and i’m excited to share my results!

Non toxic teeth whitening

Non toxic teeth whitening strips, all natural, dentist formulated, and clinically tested

So these strips are made with Dead Sea salt which is filled with minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. They also contain aloe which is soothing & hydrating. My favorite ingredient is coconut oil. I swear coconut oil is my answer to everything! The coconut oil in these teeth whitening strips help deliver results to your teeth without breaking down your enamel. Lastly these also contains essential oils such as mint, clove, and basil. All natural ingredients that deliver great results.

Non toxic whitening strips application

To apply the strips, I first brushed with the whitening toothpaste and then followed with the mouth rinse. Both contain the same ingredients that are in the whitening strips. Each application comes with a set for both your upper and lower teeth. Peel off the strips and apply them to your teeth. Let the strips set on your teeth for about 30 minutes. Once the 30 minutes is up, remove the strips and rinse out your mouth. It is advised to not eat and drink anything after so it is best to do this right before bed! These strips are safe for crowns, veneers, and caps.

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After 7 days I noticed a slight whiteness to my teeth, I loved that it didn’t cause any sensitivity to my teeth. I love that it contains non toxic ingredients. I plan on continuing with all of these products! For a special discount to for any of my followers to give this a try

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