The San Diego Childrens Discovery Museum- A review

Today was our first time experiencing the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum in Escondido, California. Being a first time mom I was so excited to take Maverick to all the places that made me happy as a child. San Diego has two children’s Museums. This one is one of the smaller museums. This location was perfect for Maverick! He was able to run around wild and explore all areas! Compared to the downtown San Diego location, this location is only one story. They have a large indoor area and a large outdoor area. All areas are decorated and designed so that children can use their imagination and play.

If you check online prior to going you can see when schools have their field trip days here so you can try to avoid those times if you wish! I went on a day when there was a field trip, but I went around noon time. I figured the children on the field trips would be done and eating lunch by the time we got there. We arrived around 11ish and after being there for about 10 min the field trips left and the place was empty so it was pretty perfect!

The San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum- A recap of our day

This is perfect place for getting all the wiggles out. It is great for children of all ages. Walking into the venue it starts indoors, and first off I’ll say it reminded me of Toy Story where the pre school kids are running wild with all the toys! Chaos! Totally cute though! They have a global village when you first enter. In this area the kids can let their imaginations run wild and play in the wooden built store, a kitchen, and play dress up! The dress up clothes consisted of traditional clothing from India. They are constantly changing the culture they celebrate. The day we were there they were celebrating India!

The San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum- A recap of our day

Just beyond the marketplace we explored the discovery sailboat. This is perfect for all those active little movers. They had a huge sailboat jungle gym toddlers can climb, explore, or slide down on the slide. The sailboat had a real life steering wheel where the kids can pretend they are driving a real sail boat.

To get up to the discovery sail boat they had stairs you can climb to get to the top or a wooden climbing obstacle. Up top they had buttons and navigation like a real life sail boat. Below the sail boat they had a little picnic table nook.

In the same area they had bongo drums the children can play music. They also had a large activity cube. They have plenty for the kids to see and do. The entire indoor area is closed off with baby gates so you don’t have to worry about them sneaking out.

San Diego Children's Discovery Museum- a recap

The indoor area also had a “neighborhood hero’s” area where they could dress up as a cop or firefighter. Dress up clothes consisted of coats, boots, and hats. They had a fire hydrate where they could play as a firefighter, a police motorcycle they could sit on, as well as other things first responders use in their day to day jobs.

They also have play tables where they can play with blocks, magnetic tiles, wooden blocks. They have a huge light board that looks like a huge light bright. So many activities and so much to do and see!

The San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum- A recap of our day

Step outside and there is a large shaded area with fake grass. They have plenty of picnic tables you can sit at enjoy any lunch you may have brought, as long as it doesn’t contain peanuts! To the right they have a large sand box with shovels and sand toys where you can dig for dinosaurs bones. The sand box contains a variety of sand toys, and paint brushes to uncover those dinosaur bones. The san box is covered and enclosed which is great because you don’t have to worry about it being muddy after a rainy day.

Behind that is an area with a fish tank and a cage with real chickens. In the back area they also had a garden, a bubble station where kids can play with bubble wands, a music station, and an area with foam constructing blocks.

The San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum- A recap of our day

Mavericks favorite part of all was the LEGO water table. It was 4 different heights of LEGO tables flowing water from one table to the next. Here the children could play, splash the water of course, or build stuff with legos. Maverick of course wanted to get the water. He then learned he could stick his head in the water and try to drink the water. Such a boy! For this reason I recommend bringing a spare change of clothes. Maverick ended up soaked after this station. Of course after the water he wanted to play in the sand box as well. Mud is a boys best friend!

The San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum- A recap of our day

I highly recommend visiting the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum. It is a great place for the kids to burn energy before nap time. For the month of January (2019) they have free admission for active military, first responders, and veterans. Check their site for more information and activities.

Next up on our list is to visit the downtown San Diego location! Comment and share your experience with either location of the discovery museums!

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