The best pumpkin patch you need to visit this halloween

The best pumpkin patch to visit!

Last year for the holidays I was pregnant and I kept thinking to myself oh my god I cannot wait for the holidays next year it’s going to be so much fun. Fast forward a year and here we are people!! The holiday season is here. San Diegans here are finally experiencing some “fall weather”. With the start of fall comes all the opening of pumpkin patches! Even before I had my child I loved going to pumpkin patches I feel like they are fun for the whole family, and of course a great backdrop for a photoshoot.

Since we had a new baby this year we wanted to create some new traditions. For Christmas last year, pre baby we attended Peltzer winery for their Christmas lighting on the farm. We fell in love with the winery. All the vintage trucks, tractors, and seasonal decor, everything was decorated so cute. Our Christmas cards last year were taken here in front of their vintage Christmas truck. Last year I was pregnant so unfortunately I couldn’t partake in the wine drinking so I was excited to come back this year not pregnant!

Christmas on the farm!

We saw they had a pumpkin patch so we decided to try it out. We usually go to a local pumpkin patch down here in San Diego area, but it is usually very crowded and it isn’t a winery so helloooo time to change it up. The baby has his entertainment and mama gets her wine! Plus it is a family owned winery, the vibe is great there!

We went to the winery on a Saturday and to my surprise it wasn’t crowded at all! They had plenty of activities for both parents and children. It costs $2 to get in which a lot of people are complaining about but $2 is nothing! They put in a lot of hard work into the set up so it makes sense, plus parking is free! They have a variety of activities or “attractions” each activity cost a certain amount of tickets and you can buy tickets upon entering. 

The activities we did while we were there were, the petting zoo, pony rides, and play some games. The petting zoo was cute they have goats, alpaca, ducks, and bunnies. All the animals were pretty friendly and they have a food dispenser you can buy goat food. The goats went wild for the food! After you are done petting animals they have a cute basin you can wash your hands.

The best pumpkin patch to visit

Mav rode his first horse that day! They had about 4 small horses the kids could ride. The gentleman working with the horses strapped the kids on the horses and they walk in a circle. I was a little worried because although mav can sit up great alone I wasn’t sure how he would do, so they let me walk alongside him. I could not handle the cuteness! Not sure what was running through his head while he was on that horse but pretty sure he thought he was a big kid!

The best pumpkin patch to visit

They had a couple of carnival games set up that cost a couple tickets, and you won a prize no matter what. Prizes were small little toys, nothing like stuffed animals or anything but the children winning prizes was all that mattered. My husband and I ended up playing games, but we won little toy balls for Maverick to play with.

One of the best free attractions was the pig races. They were so cute. They had about 4 pigs racing at a time and they all had funny names such as ham solo, chew bacon, sir-squeeks-a lot. They have the pigs race at different times a day so be sure to make time for the pig races!

After getting the wiggles out at the pumpkin patch, head up to the Crush House and have a glass of wine. At the crush house you can wine taste and they also have a cute shop set up inside where you can purchase various gifts or bottles of wine. They usually have a food truck set up with delicious food you can order.

Pumpkin patch at the winery

Besides the attractions we did they have face painting, gem mining, train rides, and tractor rides. All attractions can be seen on their site HERE. The Winery is open daily from 9am-8pm. Check out their site for other holiday events happening at the Peltzer Winery.

Pumpkin patch at the winery