The ultimate baby gear list of 2018

2018 was the year we welcomed into this world Maverick. Mav is currently 10 months so we have used a handful of baby products this year. There were products we loved & products we didn’t care for.

Being a first time mom I had no idea which car seat, stroller, or any baby products that would be the best for my baby and I. I relied on mom blogs and doing my own research to decide which products I would register for. I am going to share with you the products that we loved and used.

The ultimate baby gear list of 2018
  1. Bob stroller- This stroller is the only stroller we own. I opted out for only a jogger, because I did intend on jogging with it, it can be used to workout with, and can be used for every day use. In the beginning we used it with the attachment for our Britax infant carseat. Now that Mav is old enough, we use the snack tray attachment.

    •The seat on the bob can be adjusted to a fully upright position, and down to a reclined position. I love the reclined position to change diapers on the go!

    • The canopy extends to multiple lengths. When it is completely extended it’s great for blocking wind or sun, and it’s great for blocking distractions for nap time on the go!

    •This stroller is very durable! I use it for all of my workouts on different surfaces. The front wheel swivels so I can easily turn directions, and it can also be locked.

    •If you want a cheaper option there is the bob rambler, which is about $100 cheaper. Main differences are the wheels are a little bit smaller, there isn’t much padding inside the seat area, the under basket is a little bit smaller, and the handle bar doesn’t change positions.

    • Cons: isn’t the easiest to close and put in the car, it is a bit bulky and heavy & the accessories can be expensive.

The ultimate baby gear list of 2018

2. 4moms Pack & Play- This pack and play is the easiest one I found to put up and take down. All it takes is one pull to open, and one push to close. I loved the plain modern look it had as well. When buying baby products I wanted simple plain products that would look good with my home decor. This pack and play comes in black and grey. The one we chose has a bassinet on top as well as a changing table.

• It is easy to set up and take down, all it takes is one push and one pull!

• I love the sleek modern look, it isn’t bright and colorful like most baby products.

• It can be used from newborn and beyond. We used it from the day he was brought home and currently using it today! Today I put him in it with toys while I enjoy my shower!

• It can be used bedside as a bassinet and changing table. The changing table is very easy to clean. Every time I took Mavs diaper off he would pee everywhere and it was very easy to clean.

• cons: heavy, son outgrew bassinet and changing table pretty quick, accessories are expensive, a sheet cost $30, but it is a great investment my son still uses it to this day.

The ultimate baby gear list of 2018

3. Fisher Price Deluxe Rock n’ Play Sleeper- I opted for the Jonathan Adler model because of the simple black and white colors. This came in handy when it was shower time. I would place him in here and he would be content for my shower.

• This linked to an app on my phone. You can control the rocking modes, add vibration, pick either music or nature sounds, and control the volume.

• All the fabric is machine washable, which came in handy for those baby blowouts. It also has a small removable padding for the seat that can be removed in the event of a blowout which did happen multiple times!

• It folds easily and it can be stored away when it is not in use. It can easily be transported as well

The ultimate baby gear list of 2018

4. Lilliebaby 6 position ergonomic baby carrier- Used this carrier when he was brand new and still using it to this day. There are six different positions the baby can be carried in and it has lumbar support pad which is awesome. This is great for every day use, hiking, or a baby carrying workout.

  • This carrier is easy to put on.

  • The mesh zipper on it makes it very cool and breathable.

  • It has a nice lightweight hood that you can drape over the baby when he’s asleep.

  • It is lightweight and machine washable.

  • No extra parts are needed if used with a newborn, unlike other carriers

  • simple colors, and also vibrant colors and patterns if you prefer!

The ultimate baby gear list of 2018

5. 4ever Graco 4-in-1 convertible car seat

I am all about convertible products that I can use at multiple stages of my child’s life. I love this car seat because it can be use from 4 pounds to 120 pounds. Really it’s the only car seat you need! I was never really a fan of the infant car seats that latch into the car because to me it was more of a hassle trying to carry my baby in a car seat, I would rather just take my baby out and carry him.

  • Can be use from newborn and beyond up to 120 pounds.

  • It is sturdy, I feel comfortable knowing my child is safe in a durable car seat.

  • It fits perfect in my car using the latch system, it has a level bubble on the side to ensure it’s in correctly and it has stickers on the side to show if the seat is in the correct position.

  • It is easy to clean. The entire cover can be removed and washed. It comes with 2 cup holders that can be removed and cleaned if needed.

  • It’s comfortable for the child. It has 6 recline positions. 3 for front facing and 3 for rear facing. It has an easy latch on the bottom you pull on the seat to adjust to a reclined position. It also has soft padding inside the car seat, that is comfortable and not claustrophobic.