Fit mom workout- plyometrics & strength

Today’s workout consisted of 2 circuits, a plyometrics portion & a strength portion. The benefits of incorporating plyometrics is they get your heart rate elevated, and help you burn the most amount of calories in the least amount of time. This workout is great for weight loss, toning, and creating lean muscle mass.

For this workout you will need a heavy pair of dumbbells, a light pair of dumbbells, & a stop watch (I used the stop watch on my phone).

I created a workout demo video for the plyometrics and the strength portion. The plyometrics portion consist of 4 exercises and each will be performed for 30 seconds. After you have gone through the plyometrics portion, follow with the strength portion.

The plyometrics portion consist of

  1. High knees

  2. Butt kickers

  3. Burpees

  4. Squat jumps

Each strength exercise will be performed 10 times. After you complete the first set of both plyometrics and strength exercise rest 1 minute, & start both circuits over. Complete 3 rounds of both the plyometrics & strength circuits.

The Strength portion consist of

  1. Deadlifts (Use your heavy Dumbbells)

  2. Deadlifts with upright row (use light dumbbells)

  3. Curtsey lunges with lateral raises (use light dumbbells)

  4. Chest press with toe touches (use light dumbbells)

Get your sweat on! Try it out let me know what you think! Tag me in your workout videos on instagram @_sarahbockstahler

  • be sure you are cleared by your doctor before starting any exercise program