How to Help Your Child Overcome Picky Eating Habits

how to help your child overcome picky eating habits

How to Help Your Child Overcome Picky Eating Habits

Guest post written on behalf of a contributor from Yumble Rae Steinbach.

Picky eating is a normal phase commonly experienced by toddlers and young children, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worrying for parents. It’s often difficult to determine how concerning these habits are, and many parents have trouble helping their children move to a healthier diet.

Luckily, you’re not alone in dealing with a picky child, and these phases often work themselves out given enough time. If you’re struggling with your child’s picky eating habits, start with these tips to provide a supportive and safe environment for them to try new foods and develop their tastes.

Lead by Example

The habits your child develops can influence their eating behaviors for the rest of their lives, and parents play a major role in affecting the way their children eat. If you’re telling your kid to eat more vegetables while snacking on junk food yourself, they’re much less likely to take your advice seriously.

By personally making healthier choices, you show your child that eating a balanced diet doesn’t have to be difficult or feel like a chore. This type of positive environment surrounding trying new foods is an important part of helping your child feel more comfortable stepping out of his or her comfort zone.

Start Slowly

Your child will hopefully become accustomed to a wide range of fruits and vegetables over time, but you shouldn’t expect them to warm up to everything overnight. Instead, start with typical vegetables that kids will eat like corn, potatoes, and carrots. These tend to be more suited for a child’s tastes.

Once they’ve had a few chances to taste these foods, they may be more likely to consider eating other new foods and broadening their horizons in general. Taking things one step at a time will help your child be more comfortable as they start integrating more fruits and vegetables into their diet.

Use Sauces and Dips

Creative dips and toppings are another method of making your child more comfortable with potentially problematic foods and accept them as part of his or her diet. Sweet dressings, for example, are a great way to introduce your kid to salads without expecting too much.

Other options like hummus and carrots or celery and peanut butter are perfect for kids, and these dips are much healthier than many dressings such as ranch and blue cheese. After trying these combinations enough times, your child will be ready to start eating some of these foods on their own.

Picky eating can be a difficult phase to manage, and it’s tough to know how to provide the right environment for your child. These tips are a great starting point as you help your child develop healthier eating habits and begin to grow more comfortable with trying new things.

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