What I packed for my summer vacation to Costa Rica

What you need to pack for a tropical summer vacation

Summer is here and we have a trip planned to Costa Rica. This will be Mavericks first international trip! Crossing my fingers that he handles this trip like a champ!

Every time I go on a new trip I feel like I have to go out and shop and buy new things. I mean why not! I have been on the hunt for a cute mom bathing suit, one that supports these breastfeeding boobs if you know what I mean! Buying bathing suits used to be a breeze in the park for me, but since I became a mom they grew like 3 sizes and I had to do some serious shopping.

I am going to share with you what I packed for this tropical vacation! First starting with the bathing suit because chances are I will be living in this the entire time!

The perfect vacation bikini for moms with large boobs

First off this bikini top is the perfect shade of bright mustard yellow, and its so perfect for big breasted women, or women who want to lift up what they have. The top has just a big of spandex in it, so it really hugs the girls in the right spot. The back has a double hook closure so it really stays on nice & tight!

The bottoms that match are “cheeky” but they provide a little more coverage than most cheeky bottoms I am used to. They fit true to size, I purchased these in a size small, and they fit great.

A cute beach cover up

Next I found this super cute beach cover up from amazon! Anytime I can find anything cute off amazon i’m all for it! I usually like to have product recommendations from someone who has recently purchased the item because a lot of things can be hit or miss!

This beach cover up comes in black and in white! It is very lightweight. It is above the knee length, and has a floral lace design on it. It can be both dressed up or dressed down.

Accessories for a beach vacation


Always accessorize! My favorite pair of beach sandals can be found here! They remind me of a cheaper version of the braided reef sandals. They can be found online for under $10. They can be worn at the beach or a casual day out!


Always cheap sunnies for me! Especially when traveling, and especially when you have a toddler! I came across these sunglasses from target and i’m obsessed. I feel like they are the perfect fit for my face and I also love that when I take them off my face and put them on my head they don’t get wrapped up in my hair! Find them here!


I will be packing a couple hats. A big floppy one for the beach, and a cute fedora style one for when I’m just out and about. I always try to wear a hat when I’m in the sun to avoid those wrinkles!

First the floppy hat. I actually found my floppy hat for $5 at target in the dollar spot. The target dollar section can be dangerous but a lot of the time you can find some amazing deals!

My hat that I will be wearing with other outfits can be found here! I feel like it was love at first sight when I found this hat. The color, the fit, everything was perfect.


Usually when I travel internationally I always use this hot pink fanny pack I was given by my grandma. I call it vintage! But it’s so perfect for traveling and it has a spot big enough for your passport and all your money.

Speaking of passports I purchased this passport wallet. I bought it for my prior travels to Thailand, and I loved it! Had a compartment for my passport, money, cards, plane tickets, and I held that inside my fanny pack while we traveled around.

I will also bring my normal purse just in case we go to a nicer type dinner. My hot pink fanny pack probably won’t match my outfit!

This purse was gifted to me by my husband and he did so good! I love it! It is so perfect for a summer trip tropical vacation! You can find it here!

Clothes im packing for vacation

I would imagine that I am going to be living in my bathing suit & cover up so I don’t plan on bringing too much. We are staying a week & I don’t want to over pack.

Two pairs of jean shorts is what I plan on bringing. A high waisted “mom shorts” that I love, and can be worn out and about & a cute pair of low waisted jeans that are great to throw over a swimsuit.

My mom shorts are the perfect length, not too long, not too short. They sit up nice and high to cover up the post baby pooch. These shorts have over 100 5 start reviews on line. They fit true to size and they are so comfortable! Find them here!

Post baby I haven’t really been a fan of low waisted shorts but these shorts are my favorite. They fit so well and they are very stylish. They look great with basically any outfit! These shorts are an investment but they are worth every penny! I have had these shorts for a while now and they wash nicely as well! Find them here!

Tops to pack for a summer vacation

Costa Rica is a very humid place. I plan on bringing very loose fitting tops. I haven’t worn a tube top in forever but they are coming back in style so I picked up a few loose fitting tube tops for this trip. These tube tops aren’t the kind that are tight and hold your tatas up so they are perfect to throw on over your swimsuit.

First one is by Billabong. I was so drawn to the colors and floral pattern it was totally fitting for Costa Rica. Find it here! The top has an elastic no slip band so no need to worry about it slipping.

Another tube top I purchased was from American Eagle. I have been a fan of their clothes lately. Love love love their jeans and shorts and every once and a while I come across some cute tops! Find it here!

Aside from some cute tops to wear out to dinner or bars I will bring some basic tank tops to throw on when we are on a hike or adventuring around. Tank tops I am loving right now are from Target.

These tank tops are so affordable and they come in so many colors. I have them in like five different colors they are great for every day wear or even to work out in.

The best bug spray for a tropical vacation

So besides clothes & all that good stuff, mosquitos is one thing I want to protect myself from! I’ve done my research and i’ve found a lotion & spray that people swear by! It repels mosquitos for up to 14 hours, according to the manufacture it is safe for the whole family, it won’t harm clothing or fabrics, and it is more effective than deet products. Find it off amazon here!

What are your must haves when packing for a tropical vacation!? Comment below.

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