5 exercises you can perform while wearing your baby

I am going to share with you some exercises you can do while wearing that baby. It’s all about multi tasking these days!

Finding time to workout with a new baby can be difficult these days. Sometimes you just have to get it in anyway you can! Baby boy has been teething, so he wants to be on mama 24-7. My child always loved to be in the baby carrier. From the time he was a newborn I would wear him all the time. Wearing him was the only way I could get stuff done around the house, have my eye on him, and it was really just great for bonding. Honestly wearing a baby was always something I wanted to do before I even became a mom. Carrying a baby around is a workout in itself! I am going to share with you some exercises you can do while wearing that baby. It’s all about multi tasking these days! All you will need is your baby, a carrier, and weights if you prefer to take it up a notch. We love our Lillebaby carrier for these workouts. These carriers have great lumbar support & baby can be carried in 6 different ergonomic positions. For all Lille baby carrier options click here! Please follow correct guidelines for your baby carrier and only perform the moves you are comfortable with.

The 5 body weight moves

  1. Basics squat

    1. Start with your feet shoulder width apart and hold onto baby as you sit back into those heels. Keep your chest up and always keep your core engaged. For starters I recommend holding onto something to make sure you have your balance.

  2. Basic lunge

    1. Again with this move start by holding onto a sturdy surface just until you get the hang of it. Hold onto baby and step into a lunging positing, make sure that knee doesn’t bend beyond your toes.

  3. Standing Oblique crunches

    1. Stand up tall and use those abs to bring that knee up to your elbow. Focus on using those obliques to crunch that leg up rather than using momentum.

  4. Dips

    1. Use a wall or something sturdy. Slowly lower your body until your arms are at 90 degrees, and push back up. focus on squeezing the backs of those arms.

  5. Bridges

    1. Table top bridges work the best. Start in a table top position on your palms and feet (baby lying on your belly towards the sky) push through those heels and squeeze that booty as you lift your hips, slowly lower those hips up and down.

Incorporating weights

Once you feel comfortable with bodyweight exercises you can start to add in weights to your workouts. I have added a couple exercises to try. For a better visual you can watch the video below.

  1. Dumbell (DB) curl and press

    1. Stand with your feet hip distance and perform a biceps curl and go straight into an overhead press. repeat.

  2. Bent over reverse flies

    1. Keep a slight bend in your knees and hinge forward, while keeping your chest upright. Bring your arms below your shoulders with the dumbbells in your hands. rotate through your shoulders, bringing the dumbbells towards the sky. Focus on squeezing those shoulder blades.

Workout example

Now to put all these moves together you can try different variations such as:

  • Perform each exercise for 60 seconds 3 times through

  • Do 10 reps of each exercise 4 times through

  • Start simple with one exercise such as just the squat and perform 100 body weight squats carrying the baby

The possibilities are endless. Get creative with the moves I have provided. Always remember if you are newly postpartum check with your doctor before performing any physical activity.

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