The ultimate leg & booty workout! - with your stroller

The ultimate booty workout with your stroller!

Back in my pre-baby days I could not wait to workout with my baby jogger! I would always see moms running along the beach with their strollers, getting their workout in with their babies along for the ride. Once I had Maverick I did not realize how tough it was. In the beginning my husband and I would attempt to go on beach walks, and Maverick would scream his head off in his stroller! We would end up taking him out and holding him while pushing an empty stroller. We looked like total first time parents. At the time I had him in his infant car seat clicked into our BOB stroller. We realized our little curious George (as I call him because he is forever curious) loved looking around at everyone and everything. At around 3 months I ended up putting him in the stroller without the car seat, and I just put padding around his head to keep him stabilized. He loved this position so much better!

Having my baby comfortable in the stroller was a game changer! Of course everyday isn’t perfect and some days he gets bored in the stroller sooner than later, even if I’ve given him hundreds of toys to play with. Now that he tolerates the stroller I could now incorporate stroller workouts into my daily routine! 

Pre baby I worked out like crazy, it was my hobby! Now that baby is here I still need that time for myself. It is important that I keep myself mentally & physically strong and healthy, so I am the best version of myself for my baby. I have created mommy and me workouts for you to do with your baby in the stroller. Below I am going to walk you through a booty and leg day workout. This can be performed anywhere. I do these workouts in my garage and I utilize my cul-de-sac to get some distance in because my child does not like to be stationary in one spot for too long.

Before getting started some things you will need…  

  1. A stroller- I prefer a jogger. I love our bob stroller it is perfect for running. In the beginning I used this stroller with our britax car seat as well. BOB has an adapter you can buy I will link it below.

  2. Snacks for baby- I find that giving baby snacks keeps them quite and entertained for longer periods of time! I give him teething crackers, or yogurt melts. These snacks I feel comfortable with him eating right now at his current age. Utilize snacks you are comfortable with giving your baby, if your baby is too young to snack a pacifier will do just fine!

  3. Toys for baby - literally anything to keep baby entertained! Mav loves his skip hop elephant toy, it has plenty of parts for him to chew on and it is great for sensory play. He also loves his Sofie the giraffe. Something about this giraffe, all babies love it! He is currently teething so he just goes to town biting this giraffe.

  4. Water- Find yourself a cute hydro flask & stay hydrated!

  5. Workout mat - a yoga mat will do. This workout contains one workout on the floor so you will need something to put under you.

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• If you are newly postpartum check with your doctor to make sure you are cleared for exercising before starting any exercise program. 

Since these are all body weight exercises no other equipment is needed, besides that yoga mat! For the workout there are 4 exercises. You will be doing 3 sets with 10 reps of each exercise. Utilize your neighborhood to do a warm up run or walk for about 5-10 minutes. 


Leg & Booty stroller workout

1. Glute bridge- place your yoga mat in front of your stroller. Lie on your back with your heels on the stroller (be careful with your baby) press through your heels and lift your hips up, focus on squeezing your glutes and slowly lower your hips back down. Repeat x 10


Glute bridge, stroller workout

2. Side lunge- Start with your feet together holding onto your stroller on your left side. Step out and lunge to the side with your right foot. Focus on keeping that weight in your heel, chest up, and make sure that knee doesn’t go beyond your toes. Push through that heel and step your feet back together focus on squeezing your booty. Repeat x 10 on each side

Be sure not to rest all your weight on your stroller it could be a hazard to your child! 

Side Lunge, stroller workout

3. Squat with a heel raise- Face your stroller lightly place Your hands on your stroller, keep your chest up & slowly lower those hips into a squatting position. Keep the weight in your heels. As you press up from that squat stand all the way up on your toes squeezing those glutes and your calves. Repeat x 10 


Squat with a heel raise- leg workout

4. Lunge with a glute squeeze- lightly hold onto your stroller, keep your chest up and step back into a lunge. Keep all that weight in that front foot. step up from that lunge and lift that back leg focusing on squeezing that glute. Repeat x10 on each leg

Lunge with a glute squeeze

Give this workout a try! Comment below your favorite ways you incorporate those workouts with a new baby.

For more exercise ideas with baby try my nap time workouts or you can also check out my baby wearing exercises.

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