30 minute beach workout

It’s the new year! If your 2019 New Years resolution was to get in shape or change up your workout routine I have a circuit below for you! This workout is a quick routine guaranteed to get your heart rate elevated & make you sweat!

This workout consists of 4 different exercises. Each exercise you will complete 10 reps and do a total of 4 sets.

4 sets of 10 Burpees

Start in a plank position, hop your feet up towards your hands, then jump straight up. Repeat.

• for a modified burpee, start in a plank, walk your feet up towards your palms and stand up

4 sets of 10 (per side) Step back lunges with a knee drive

Start in a modified lunge position, place your arms up by your ears for better balance. Pull your arms and knee in towards your chest focusing on squeezing those abs, and return that leg back down to a modified lunge position. Repeat on each leg.

4 sets of 10 (per side) bridge toe touches

Start in a bridge position with your fingertips pointing towards your toes. Keep your chest up and try to touch your toe with your opposite arm. Alternate each side with your opposite arm & leg.

4 sets of 10 Push ups

Start in a plank position with your wrist below your shoulders and your core tight, squeeze that belly button in towards your spine. Slowly bend your elbows back, keeping your arms tucked in tight to your sides as you lower your chest towards the floor. Push up through those palms and repeat!

• to modify perform on your knees

Give this workout a go, let me know what you think, & be sure to tag me on instagram @_Sarahbockstahler