Full body workout with a mini resistance band workout

Whenever I can get a full body workout in i’m all for it! I like to change it up and use different pieces of equipment to keep things interesting, because I get bored with the same routine! Todays workout was 10 different exercises, only equipment needed is a mini resistance band! See the exercises and breakdown below!

The workout

  • Narrow to wide push up

  • Squat and press

  • Side lying leg lifts

  • Banded bridges

  • Donkey kicks

  • Side plank leg lifts

  • Side crunch with a biceps curl

  • Squat jacks

  • Squat with a kick bak

  • Reverse lunge with triceps extension

For this workout there are 10 exercises. Each exercise will be done a total of 10 times, 10 reps on each side if a workout requires both sides to be worked. Repeat the set 3 times. The only equipment needed for this workout is a mini resistance band. I purchased this pack of bands off amazon and i’m loving them, they come in a variety of different resistances and so far they have been great for my workouts.

The exercises

  1. Narrow to wide push up- Perform these on your knees, or if you want an extra push perform on your toes. Place the band around your wrist, start with your wrist below your shoulders to perform a narrow push up. Focus on keeping your elbows in tight. Lower your chest towards the floor looking slightly in front of you on the mat. Inhale on the way down and exhale as you push up. Next widen your hands about one hands length just beyond your shoulders and repeat the wide push up. Keep tension on that mini band while performing your push ups.

  2. Squat & press- Place the band around your wrist with your palms facing each other. Keep your elbows bent 90 degrees with your hands up by your face, as your squat down. Exhale as you push up through those heels and raise those hands above your head. Focus on keeping those elbows in tight and push those hands out against that band. Keep tension in that band the entire time.

  3. Side lying leg lift- Lie comfortably on your side with the band around your ankles. Use your hand to keep your balanced on your hip. As you exhale raise that top leg as high as you can and inhale as you slowly release your leg. Focus on slow controlled movements!

  4. Banded bridges- Place the band around your hips and lie on your back with your knees bent, and your feet close to your bottom. Slide your hands face down close to your bottom on your resistance band. Hold pressure on your band as you exhale and push through your heels to lift your hips, focus on squeezing those glutes at the top. Inhale and slowly lower.

  5. Donkey kicks- Place the band on your thigh above on of your knees. Go down on all fours in a table top position. Keep the band around your thigh and with your opposite foot press through the band. Press through your foot focus on squeezing that glute at the top. Exhale as you press through your foot.

  6. Side plank leg lifts- Start with the band just below your knees. Postion your self in a modified side plank position. Place your hand below your shoulder and prop yourself up on your knee. focus on keeping those obliques in nice and tight! Extend your top leg, and while in the side plank position slowly lift your top leg as your exhale and inhale as you slowly release that top leg. 

  7. Side crunch with a biceps curl- Start in a standing position, with your band below one foot, and hold the other side of your band with your hand you will be performing the biceps curl with. Start with a biceps curl, stand upright with your elbow in by your side. As you exhale perform a curl focusing on squeezing that bicep. Slowly lower that arm back down to your side. Keeping tension on your band perform a standing side crunch. Keep your chest up nice and tall and focus on squeezing your obliques and crunching to the opposite side you are holding your band on. 

  8. Squat jacks- Place the band around your ankles squat down to a narrow squat and hop up while keeping tension on that band land in a wider squat and repeat.

  9. Squat with a kick back- place the band around your ankles. Perform a squat, as you stand up slowly raise one of your legs focus on squeezing that glute as you raise your heel.

  10. Reverse lunge with triceps extension- Hold the band above your head with one hand, reach behind you with your other arm and grab the other side of the band. Your bottom hand will be your anchor, all the work will come from that top hand. Perform a reverse lunge, step back with one leg and bend that knee towards the floor, as you come down to that lunge position perform a triceps extension. Hold your band with that bottom hand and pull the band overhead with your top arm. Focus on squeezing your triceps and keeping your arm close to your head.

Give this workout a try & give me a tag on instagram for a repost!